Wed. May 29th, 2024

Reasons to Choose a Career in Accounting

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Job Opportunities

There are those who are worried that the field of accounting is becoming obsolete because of the advancement in technology, but there is nothing further from the truth.

The roles today are moving away from data-centric to analytical. Technology has become a good source of opportunities because it has created a greater variety of exciting jobs in the industry.

Accounting is here to stay. The advancements in areas such as automation and artificial intelligence are not going to take away jobs because accountants are still going to be needed in interpreting tax laws, which change regularly.

Accountants are also important for business because they manage and decode financial information that organizations can use in making informed decisions. See here for accounting bookkeeping.

  1. The Job is Rewarding and Exciting

People have the misconception that accounting is about keying in numbers to a spreadsheet and using a calculator every day.

There are exciting ways accountants play a part in organisations. You are going to take the data then interpret them in a way that helps the business. Some of them include:

  • Starting or ending business ventures
  • Moving into new markets
  • Launching new products
  • Avoid making wrong business moves
  • Finding creative ways of reducing waste and unnecessary spending

The work done by an account shapes and grows the business. The organisation is going to rely on the expertise of an accountant when making tough decisions on building the business and supporting growth.

  1. Many Roles and Industries to Work In

Accounting is flexible. Every organisation out there needs an accountant. The big companies usually have a big budget and can have their own in-house accounting team. Some choose to hire accounting firms to help them out.

You can choose to work with a company that you are passionate about. Maybe you want to work as an accountant for a brand that you like. Maybe you are interested in sports and would love to work behind the scenes for a sports team.

When working for an accounting firm, you can choose a variety of clients, or you can decide to focus on a specific sector. Accounting firms usually choose their area of focus and works with certain types of clients like government agencies, or local schools.

There are many roles in the world of accounting. Lateral career moves are popular and this has made it a good idea to gain a wide range of skills as you work towards your dream job. There are different roles you can experience working an accounting job. Some include:

  • Internal auditing
  • Cost accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Forensic accounting
  1. Good Salary

The average accountant annual salary in 2018 in the UK was £62,042. Accounting jobs have always paid well.
Most of the roles require certifications and advanced degrees. Organisations know that these roles demand higher salaries, and most are willing to pay.

If you are interested in this industry and increased pay, then consider going for additional training and certification. You will be better at your current role and you will also improve your chance of getting a better job. You are going to stand out among the other candidates.

  1. Growth Opportunities

There are many opportunities to advance within the industry. Lateral moves are popular, but a career in this field can prepare you for an executive role.

You can look for management opportunities after gaining a couple of years of experience in different roles. CFO and CEO roles and many other roles can benefit a lot from having accounting experience and knowledge.

In your role as an accountant, you are going to closely work with people at other businesses. A diverse network is going to help you as you work towards your dream job. If you decide to change your career in the future, the skills gained when working in an accounting role are going to come in handy.