Wed. May 29th, 2024

Learn How to See and Accept Reality with Teal Swan 

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Pain and suffering are inevitable in life. However, some people allow them to control their lives. They are unhappy and unable to perform their daily duties as human beings. They stay trapped in their misery, and it affects their personal and professional lives significantly. The leading cause for their suffering is that they fail to understand the truth and see reality. 

Teal Swan is a widely acclaimed and respected name in the world of new-age spirituality. Besides, she is a best-selling author and international speaker. As a child, she was a victim of child abuse and integrated her personal experience to inspire people to march towards authenticity and freedom.

Liberation from suffering and pain is possible.

For those who believe liberation from pain and suffering is impossible, she proves them wrong. She reaches out to her followers with her famous “Ask Teal” YouTube series. She connects with them and gives them advice about life, joy, and happiness. She has written six books, and they are popular internationally worldwide. She is the artist of hundreds of “frequency paintings,” and her fans love her. These paintings help in the healing process and invokes calmness in the mind. 

Her mission of positive world change and peace across the globe

She was born in Santa Fe in New Mexico on the 16th June 1984, at 7.42 am, with a range of natural extrasensory abilities. As a child, she suffered from abuse; however, she did not let this harrowing, painful experience stop her from helping others. She believes if she had not experienced that phase, she would have been like most spiritual teachers rendering esoteric knowledge about the universe’s ways and how it works. 

Envision the correct process for healing 

Thanks to her past, she knows what abuse and suffering are in real. It helps her reach out to others, understand their pain and heal them. She knows the complete picture and can envision the proper healing for the person who reaches out to her for help. 

Get free guided meditation tools for a happy and contented life.

Free guided meditation tools and videos are available on her official site for helping people. They are short videos easily accessible on her site. People get advice and guidance about relationships, careers, finance, etc. 

Experience peace after you come face-to-face with the truth

Her approach to teaching differs from others. To lead a happy life, you should accept reality and witness the truth as it is. According to Teal Swan, the only way to the path of true happiness is authenticity. Most people are scared to face the truth because they fear its consequences. However, there are instances where the opposite is true- you can experience deep peace and calm than before knowing the truth. 

Once you taste the fruits of being genuine and authentic towards yourself, it becomes simple to live a happy, meaningful life with success! You discover the path to liberation, happiness, and joy. The process takes time however, it is worth it in the long run!