Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Tips For Picking A Trustworthy Dog Groomer

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#1 – Transparency
Ask to start to see the back grooming area. There must be no closed doors in any grooming salon Guiliani says. Even better, are windows that enable you to watch the entire grooming process, adds Sabouri and Dan. They should not hesitate to offer a tour and demonstrate the salon.

Image source: K9LoftIMAGE SOURCE: K9LOFT
#2 – Experience
Ask the groomer how long they have been grooming, where they learned grooming from and, if indeed they own the salon, how long it’s been in operation. While longevity will not automatically mean a good groomer, you need to understand their training and background, which might give a green light or a red flag on if they will execute a good job.

#3 – Emergency Plan
Do they have an emergency plan in the event a puppy gets hurt? Guiliani says to inquire further what they do in that situation – who takes your dog to the vet, what vet are they associated with, etc. They shouldn’t have to think about this, they ought to know their plan immediately. Contact here

#4 – Handing Procedures
Inquire further what they normally do in case a dog is skittish, old, fragile or injured. Imagine if your dog is stressed and tries to bite? Watch out for insincerity in the response – do they sound like they can be just letting you know what they think you want to listen to, or do you get the feeling they genuinely care about the animals and do what’s best for them?

#5 – Watching
Ask when you can watch and/or stay with your pet. If they don’t allow the owner to view, be cautious. You’d be surprised at what professionals can do nowadays. Ask them why they don’t allow it.

#6 – References
Inquire further for references. While Yelp reviews are usually only upset customers that may or might not exactly be stretching the truth, the grooming salon will probably only offer you happy customers. Considering both will give you both sides of the stories and could help you select if it’s a good place for your dog.

#7 – Watch the dogs leaving
Without all dog’s enjoy grooming, are almost all of them coming out happy, tails wagging? Guiliani says “your dog is going out with its tail wagging, and come in using its tail wagging the next time since it knows its set for a good experience.” If every dog that comes to the entranceway puts on the brakes, you might reconsider that place.

#8 – Continuing Education
Do the groomers keep up on the newest products and trends, including new handling procedures which may be more humane that “traditional methods”? Ask if indeed they attend the grooming industry events, seminars or take classes on the web to remain up-to-date. Bonus if they’re a member of 1 of the organizations, such as National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).

#9 – Kennel Dryers
Groomer shouldn’t use them, because of the stress they placed on the dogs. And, they may have caused deaths in older and sick dogs in the past. This may be an individual choice, but it’s definitely something to consider.