Wed. May 29th, 2024

Teal Swan Discusses the Approach to Take for Emotional Healing

3 min read

Complex and potentially difficult emotions like sadness and anxiety are just a part of human life. However, knowing this does not make it any less difficult to cope up with these emotions. Learning to heal from unhealthy attitudes, traumatic events and emotional wounds often take people to varying paths. The journey of emotional healing can be an uncertain and long one. But it is easier to navigate with the advice and assistance of spiritual teachers like Teal Swan.

When bad things happen in life, most people take time to come to terms with the negative effects caused by them.  Psychological trauma and emotional pain can be caused by a lot of situations, usually, a stressful event that shatters the sense of security in a person. Anxiety, hyperactivity and helplessness are commonly observed in a person after it. To bring positivity back in life, it is important for people to progressively heal from emotional wounds. Here are a few tips that can help in the process: 

  • Take baby steps: Trying to make a number of changes in life at once can actually backfire. A person may become overwhelmed or feel as if they have failed, in case they set up unrealistic expectations. Opting to make small, incremental and manageable changes can give rise to feelings of hope, success and encouragement, which would be important for carrying a person through their healing process.
  • Be persistent and patient:  Emotional healing is not easy. It requires a lot of work and effort. People need to be patient enough and give themselves the time needed to gain new knowledge and insights. They also have to be persistent and try to keep going even when things get difficult. It is crucial that people are willing to try out brand new approaches and challenge their own selves in new ways.
  • Set realistic expectations: Setting realistic expectations is important in life, as otherwise, people may often end up feeling frustrated and disappointed in their own selves.  No one becomes emotionally healed in one day. Progress often involves taking two steps forward and a single step backwards. This is not failure, but a practical reality. Having realistic expectations along with compassion, persistence and patience can effectively lead people towards progress.
  • Prioritize self-care and self-compassion: Working on emotional healing takes out a lot of time and energy of a person. In order to keep going, they need to pay attention to their feelings and physical sensations in their body, such as headaches and fatigue. People need to take time to listen to their mind and body, and work towards nurturing them.

While a lot of people do try to avoid whatever emotional wound they faced in the past, doing so doesn’t always work out. Emotional pain and negative feelings tend to stick around. They might lie dormant or be numbed for a while, but these feelings eventually burst back into consciousness. It is better to seek out the assistance of spiritual teachers like Teal Swan, to get rid of such negative energies.