Wed. May 29th, 2024

How To Find A Profitable Course Idea

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One thing which is booming like a fire is creating & selling online courses. Ever since 2020, the online teaching graph has been growing like crazy. It has become a booming market internationally. As per data published by trusted publications, the E-learning market could grow up to $325Billion by 2025. 

When you become an online instructor, there is no upper limit to how much you can learn. You can go ahead & earn from a few hundred dollars to even a seven-figure income yearly.

In order to create an online course that is profitable, 90% of your efforts need to be put into marketing & selling it. In order to launch a profitable course, you need to involve several factors that determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Some factors that come into play when you are calculating profitability areas follows:

  • Recognition of Personal Brand of Educator 
  • Level of Expertise that the teacher holds
  • Course Content Material (LMS like Spayee allows a combination of blogs, videos, audio, quizzes, live classes etc.)
  • The size of the audience 
  • Market Size & Competition
  • Your Marketing & Sales Efforts

If you can build a strong online presence, engaged social network or an email list, you have a big advantage. It could help you with a great course launch. But, the thing that you have to remember is that it takes time to attain a loyal audience base. Hence, you would need to employ consistent manpower in your brand’s recognition.

If you are fascinated by the online course world and are unsure of how to go about the course subject, this article would help you out. Just know that there is a lot of potential, that you aren’t tapping into if you are delaying the course launch process. If you have the first-mover advantage of launching the course in your niche, you would already be on top.

How To Decide On The Course Topic

Finding the topic for your online course could be a struggle for you in the beginning. You might not know what you can teach if you want to sell online courses. However, by following the process of what we are explaining here, you would be able to make the path easier for you:

  • Is there anything in which you are considered an expert among your friends, customers, and colleagues? 
  • Have you solved a problem recently, that others seem to be struggling for?
  • Do you know how to do a certain thing that others do want to know? 

Following up on these points, you can do the following:

Get your audience’s opinion through email

If you own an email list, you can plan and run an email marketing campaign for your course. Alternatively, you can get ahead and send across your list of online course ideas to your audience. While doing the survey, seek help from your online network, while deciding the most in-demand topic. 

Ask your followers on social media

Another effective way to draw feedback from people, about a certain topic is to run a poll on both Facebook & Instagram. If you are on LinkedIn, you can run a poll in there as well. You can also ask them directly. Just create a group with people of your network, while asking for their responses. 

Invest in your expertise

If there is a subject that fascinates you, go ahead & gain expert knowledge on it. Upskill yourself. That could be an excellent place, to begin with. Share your expertise, especially in the highly valued niche. If you already are passionate about a subject, drawing it a step ahead might not be a very bad idea.

Once you are done with these mentioned points & steps, just go ahead and begin to prepare your first online course. Just begin with an online course platform like Spayee.