Wed. May 29th, 2024

God Works in Us Through Fellowship in a Home Church

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God works in us through fellowship in a home church. Fellowship is the main element to move in the torso of Christ. Fellowship means an organization of individuals united in a relationship and having some interest, activity, or purpose. The Christian has to get into an organization which includes similar affinity for God.

The similarity of the people God is they are born again. They are filled with the Holy Spirit. They have a common purpose and vision to have a body for Christ. The top is Christ and we are the body. He’s building us into a temple of God. That is human temple where God literally dwells and works.

The New Testament church moved in power. They had signs and wonders following their preaching of the word. We do not see not personally move in such power and signs. Why do we not live like the early Christians? The traditional churches have destroyed the unity of believer through fellowship. Home church provides that back again to the believers.

We gather in churches as members of some denomination. We identify with the denomination or independent churches. When someone asks you what church you participate in. We answer with the name of the church. Does that no let you know that something is wrong?

We do not say we participate in the body of Christ but always identity with human instructions. Christ is forgotten in the living experience. He is merely used for the names and signs of the church. Some have used his name in prints and media. Beyond an average person in any church s without the living experience as a part of your body of Christ. Home church we don’t have any name boards or signs. We are the body of Christ.

Fellowship is necessary for just about any assembly. Fellowship starts with ones of mind and purpose. God unites us in his name. We get together as you people and worship, adore and love him. We live as a group. As individuals we cannot do anything. We always do as a body what God wants to do. The average person operated from your body representing your body.

The house church manages that lack by limiting the number. Just a few people can ever have fellowship and a cause. First fellowship requires personal understanding of the individual. God works through the body to help, edify, disciple and care for each other.