Sat. May 25th, 2024

Confused About the Right Shoe Color for Your Outfit- Get Simple Tips from Fashion Expert Remi Landau

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Most women, and in some cases men too, just cannot figure out how to choose the right shoe color for their outfits. The ordeal seems tough, especially when it comes to dressing up for both casual and formal events. If one pairs the wrong footwear with a good outfit, the whole look for the event will become spoiled. 

Remi Landau from New York is an experienced fashion designer who has worked as an assistant to a personal stylist. She has been associated with major fashion houses like Bergdorf Goodman and Harper’s Bazar. She is a recipient of a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and is a seasoned designer at her company’s social nightwear fashion line. 

She has experience in the field of styling different clothes and combining accessories for creating unique outfits. She has gained authority in the current field and has more than five years of working experience in the world of fashion. 

Matching your footwear to your outfit 

She says that when it comes to choosing the color of your shoes, it is just one of the many features that you should consider when it comes to matching your clothes to them. In the past, trends dictated that you should choose the color of your shoes as per the color of the outfit you wear. This meant, if you wore a blue dress, you should choose a blue pair of shoes to go with the outfit. Though this rule of fashion still is prevalent today, it is no longer the only method for you to choose the color of your shoes to match your outfit, she says. 

What do the present trends tell you?

Present trends advocate a different way via which you can select your shoes. For a modern look, you can focus on shoes that are just a few shades lighter or even darker than the outfit you are wearing for the day or night. 

You can choose shoes with different patterns or colors that are dominated by your outfit’s color. The different patterns or shades will add an intriguing element to your overall look. You can complement the color of your outfit by selecting a shoe color that is completely different from it. 

She recommends that when you choose an outfit, you examine its dominant color and have the accessories you wear in a color that compliments the outfit. For example, she suggests that you should choose orange shoes and take an orange purse if you are wearing a blue outfit. 

If you are not too fond of bold colors, you can accessorize your outfit with neutral colors like black, nude, or brown. All of them go well with every colored outfit. They render an element of variation in your style without seeking too much attention to themselves. Remi Landau says these are some simple tips you should keep in mind when you are looking for the right shoe color to pair with your outfits.